Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sandpoint Travels

Today neighbor X forced me into her car and took me to the local Dufort Mall. If you're from Cocolalla or Sagle you know what I mean...actually, it's the local dump that has a donation station where people place used items that aren't total trash. My neighbor donated some items, and trash, then we took off to Sandpoint.

In Sandpoint we decided to visit a local eatery and bar (2)...yes, we drink. We went to the new restaurant called Oishii which has decor that combines mob stuff and fish...very we had some sake with an assortment of was great, but not the way out we see an even newer bar attached to this place called (blank) ah, I think the sake has taken hold by now...called "Spar". So we go upstairs. The music is playing and as soon as the bartender sees us he turns it off...what the heck? Oh, I get it, he thinks because were not a "21" crowd we can't handle the music, great..I'm the "Mame" generation. We look around, ask a few questions, neighbor X checks out the seating and decides it's not too comfy....we leave. Here's a few pictures of Oishii.

Next stop is the Tam-O-Shanter bar...ah, what can I say. It's a local hang out and has been there a long time...We did make friends with this 83 year old lady, Lucille, who was about the only friendly person in the place. She told us about her garden, work and life's travels, she said she really liked a beer now and then even if it wasn't good for her. We took her name and number and she told us to drive by and check out her garden, so we did. Pretty impressive for someone her age to be gardening as much as she does! Here's a picture of her garden.

Then off to the local Farmers Market. We were so happy to see fresh tomatoes. We taste tested a few local cheeses which were surprisingly good. Lots of huckleberries for sale, $30.00 a gal which is cheap. We made our purchases and then off to Yokes grocery store and back home.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Sounds like my kind of day! What a cheek that barman had turning the music off. I hate it when they do things like that. Incidentally, "Auntie Mame" is on the summer bestsellers list here!

James Higham said...

If you're from Cocolalla or Sagle you know what I mean...

Sadly, I don't but it seems a nice day out.

MarmiteToasty said...

sounds like a busy day :) - well, it sounds a bit like a pub crawl LOL

you do know I have many online maties that live in sandypoint and spokane and coed'lene area :)